Unraveling the Concepts for Your Urban Study Papers

Urban studies are a field within the social sciences, developed under this name since the 1960s. The various disciplines associated with the study of urban areas include urban planning, urban economics and urban architecture.

If you’ve ever wondered why people live in cities (or suburbs), how the physical environment influences behavior, or how to deal with seemingly intractable problems like urban poverty, homelessness, or troubled schools, Urban Studies can be for you.

When you study Urban Studies, you will study:

  • Cities in Comparative and Historical Perspective
  • Education
  • Urban Society and Social Change
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Within these subjects, there are numerous topics that you can use for your articles from urban studies and we will suggest some later.

Writing in Urban Studies

Articles of urban studies should be treated very seriously by those who are writing it. Most of us live in urban areas. That is why we should learn more about this. Before preparing the work on urban studies, one must know what it is.

As a rule, urban studies include all disciplines and approaches that relate to urban life. They can be as follows:

  • Urban economy
  • Urban architecture
  • Urban planning
  • Urban Ecology
  • Urban social relations
  • Urban policy
  • Urban transport systems
  • Urban geography
  • Urban anthropology
  • Students are often required to write articles from urban studies or research papers to discuss problems relating to urban life.

These tasks serve two purposes:

  • First, it is one of the means to summarize the knowledge received during the course.
  • Second, students become aware of the problems that occur in the urban area.
  • An article or analysis of urban studies is written not only to give information about the problem. It is necessary to show the writer’s ability to think logically and independently. In fact, one should compare several urban areas, give relevant examples, discuss different approaches, and make descriptive and constructive comments.

A thesis statement of urban studies is a mandatory part of your work if you want to get an excellent assessment. It will be great if you put some provocative idea into your thesis. Be creative and try to capture the reader’s attention through an innovative thesis statement, but do not use unfamiliar terms in the thesis.

Topics for Urban Studies Articles

Below is a list of some of the topics and topics you can address:

  • Land Use Planning
  • Urban economy
  • Urban planning
  • Urban expansion
  • Urban crisis, transport and infrastructure
  • Pros and cons of urbanization
  • Urban thermal zones and climate change
  • Urban engineering
  • Mapping the city
  • Networked city
  • Promoting Cities
  • The Resilient City
  • Sustainable Urbanism
  • Transportation and city
  • Urban design
  • Urban history
  • Urban renewal
  • Urbanism and Ethnic Identity
  • Olympic Games and the city
  • Mass Transportation
  • Public place
  • Urban Poverty

Structure of an Article

After choosing a topic for your article, you should prepare a preface about the problem to be addressed in the research paper. It should in short illustrate the diversity of urban experience and examine variations in the level of urbanization.

The rates of change at this level should be discussed in the article. Most of the text of most studies in urban studies has to examine the relationships between urbanization, the level of economic development and social conditions, as well as disparities in these relationships.

The text should be based on data that provide information on levels of urbanization, population, growth rates, income, and economic development. The authenticity of the data applied is indispensable.

Critical appraisals of the various urban processes can become a perfect subject for a study of urban studies. It is necessary to explore the topics in the context of genesis, migration and ethnicity, economic conditions, expansion of cities, types of personalities and urban groups, power structures and reform movements.

Drawing conclusions with substance and potential is of paramount importance. Consider putting future perspectives on your article. As in the case of urban processes (growth of favelas, immigration, etc.), the prospects of expansion and maturation are very important for the elaboration of regional and economic plans.

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Overview of Careers in Urban Studies

While some students continue their studies at graduate schools in urban planning, architecture, law, business, education, and public policy, others pursue careers in nonprofit, consulting, government, and real estate development sectors.

When studying urban studies, you will develop great skills that are applicable to a wide variety of careers. These skills include:

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
  • Ability to formulate clear and persuasive messages
  • Listening, clarification, questioning and response skills
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Ability to work well with diverse groups
  • Ethics of independent and self-motivated work

Career Opportunities and Careers:

  • Nonprofits, including Community Service and Philanthropy
  • Urban Planning in the Public or Private Sector
  • Real Estate, Development, Consulting and Management
  • Legal Departments
  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • Financial Companies
  • Technology
  • Research and Education
  • Medical and Health
  • Arts and Design
  • Freelancer
  • Business development manager
  • Municipal Manager
  • City planner
  • Community Organizer
  • Director of Community Development
  • Director of Housing and Economic Development
  • Business Development Analyst
  • Specialist Writer
  • Housing Planner
  • Developer of Land
  • Land Use Planner
  • Lawyer
  • Research Analyst
  • Lobster
  • Market researcher
  • Non-Profit Administrator
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Administration
  • Director of Public Policy
  • Teacher
  • Realtor
  • Regional Planner
  • Research Associate
  • Social worker
  • Business Analyst
  • Transportation Planner
  • Urban Designer
  • Urban planner
  • Zoning Administrator
  • The advantage of urban studies is that you can practice a variety of professions in the most diverse fields, whether your study is only dedicated to that area or complemented by another higher education.

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