Understanding Definitions for Writing Your Social Studies Papers

Social studies is the integrated study of social sciences, humanities and history. Social studies provide a coordinated and systematic study which is based on disciplines such as anthropology, archeology, economics, geography, history, jurisprudence, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, sociology, mathematics and natural sciences.

When you are studying Social Studies, you will need to study and write articles of social studies on various related areas, such as social relations and functioning of society, government, civic education, as well as those mentioned above.

Writing articles from social studies may seem terrifying, but the harder it is to even decide on which topic to approach, since there are a variety of possibilities. You will be able to choose the theme of your choice from the suggestions we will give you, but we already leave a tip that will make all the difference: choose a topic that you have interest and curiosity about.

The Stages of Social Studies Papers

When writing your articles of social studies, there are numerous writing strategies that are crucial:

  • Choose your topic (do a pre-search to ensure there is literature to support your idea)
  • Plan and execute religiously every step of the way (consider time to research, read, investigate, write, and review)
  • Always include an introduction, article body and a conclusion
  • Please reread, proofread, format and edit (be sure to check with your teacher for the required regulations)
  • Do not forget the bibliographic references
  • Keep a clear, concise and logical writing format
  • Once social studies study humans and how they relate and their environments, if you enjoy exploring people, their cultures and behavior, you will feel very motivated to write your articles.

Fantastic Proposals for Your Topics

Below you will find a series of ideas for your subjects, in the most varied disciplines that we approached and that are strongly linked to social studies, such as history, economics, conflicts, politics, etc .:

  • Civil War Soldiers and Nutrition Diets
  • Women of the Second World War
  • Vanity in the 19th century
  • Do attractive people make more money?
  • Is globalization good or bad?
  • What makes Iraq the “cradle of civilization”?
  • Sumerian civilization – the oldest known civilization on Earth
  • Conflicts in the workplace
  • How humans grow during the course of conflict
  • Political culture in the world
  • A comparison of electoral systems
  • Authoritarianism versus totalitarianism
  • Terrorism
  • A study of terrorist groups
  • State sponsored terrorism
  • The tactics of terrorism
  • The history of terrorism
  • Cultural diversity
  • Japanese Community
  • The difference between European and Western customs and traditions
  • The traditions of African tribes
  • The Brazilian Carnival
  • The unity of world cultures
  • Government regulations
  • Impact of the Olympic Games
  • Socially irresponsible corporations
  • Crime Prevention
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Deviant behaviors
  • Justice: a myth or reality?
  • How justice is portrayed in “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoyevsky
  • Heavenly Justice

Other Ideas for Your Topics
If none of the suggestions given made you want to start searching for your topic right away, we suggest more options:

  • In the area of ​​Management, you can use real examples of how you or someone plans your studies, controls the money or organizes your work day.
  • How organizations promote social and civic responsibility.
  • Crisis management after 9/11.
  • Conflict management in virtual and global teams.
  • An analysis of the benefits versus cost of obtaining a university education.
  • Distribution of wealth and availability of resources.
  • Social Networks and privacy.
  • Analysis of the existing programs of various politicians.
  • Military techniques and actions that are used in war.
  • Interesting structures for the development of a business organization.
  • Friendships and virtual relationships.
  • How to organize a birthday by spending less money.
  • How ads can create a sense of separation and association with feminine identity.
  • The role of censorship in advertising.
  • The image of perfection in advertising.
  • Chinese women seen through Chinese culture.
  • Witch hunts in the western world.
  • The influence of feminism on men.
  • The challenge of biblical feminist interpretation.
  • How leadership styles differ based on sex.
  • We could continue the list with many more topics, but certainly of all these suggestions, some will match your interests. Do not be plagued by the sheer number of options, always opt for something you like and want to write about.

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