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Posted on 13 March 2017 Franziska Pfeiffer. Date updated: October 3, 2019

When it comes to interview experts to find experts on a selected topic from you and ask them questions to support you in answering the research question of your dissertation.

The better your preparation of the expert academic custom essay writing interviews, the easier you can with the information gathered to work and integrate them into your thesis.

We’ll show you what you need to consider all the expert interview and can an example of how you conduct your own experts interviewed for the thesis in 5 easy steps.


Expert Interview Definition


The expert interview, in addition to the survey and observation, a common method for the thesis and is used to check your hypotheses and answering your research question.

An expert interview is useful when you …

  • did
  • a topic chosen, to which it still is a lot of literature,. As the study of a new marketing strategy.
  • are investigating a very specific area or a specific profession, such. As the daily lives of editors in a radio station.
  • … examine perspectives or behaviors of a particular group or organization such. As the motivations of young members of a political party.

Have you decided to carry out an expert interview, there are now three types of interviews that are you to choose from:

Note : The expert interview a bachelor thesis but does not serve you to gain a general overview of a topic – you should do beforehand. The goal is to build hypotheses from your existing knowledge out and test them using the expert interviews.

Face-to-face, telephone or e-mail?

Another decision you have to make in conducting interviews with experts is how you lead the interview. Here, too, you have three options:

Benefits disadvantages
  • more interviews are possible because the respondents have taken extra-time
  • language can also be investigated
  • interviewer can respond to answers questions and easily make
  • atmosphere loosens the mood
  • time for the interview and the subsequent transcription
  • presence of the interviewer, the respondents’ answers and consequently the validity influence
  • style=”list-style: none”> influence by the interviewer, as it is not physically present
  • understanding problems or questions, the interviewer can easily ask
  • can be arranged at short notice
  • may be difficult to achieve people
  • may often take no more than 20-25 minutes, because respondents concentration and desire to lose calls
  • and inexpensive
  • can reply in their own time and there is no appointment necessary
  • influence by the interviewer, as it is not physically present
  • can be arranged at short notice
  • personal contact between respondents and interviewers, so little control
  • number of questions possible because respondents may lose interest
  • structured interviews possible because no further inquiries can be made

Dealing with sensitive issues

Especially with sensitive issues, it can often be difficult to choose one of the interview species. Phone or e-mail can be better for suitable because the interviewer himself is not physically present and rather give respondents an honest answer.

However, this can also act impersonal and it is more difficult for respondents to discuss sensitive issues. Here a face-to-face interview would be better then.

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Expert Interview Example: 5 Simple Steps

As an example of an expert interview your thesis let us assume you would have chosen this theme: ” development of the linguistic quality of scientific theses


As we have learned in this article, is carried out an expert interview if there are still on the subject hardly research. So in this case you decide to consult experts in order to develop the field of research.

You’ll do that with the following five steps:

1st Selection of the expert

Depending on the research objective, you can consult one or more experts. An expert has often worked for many years on a responsible position in its field.

experts in the field but have not necessarily published something yourself. They must also not academics – if you about recreating a Bachelor thesis on a special education question, even “normal” parents can be regarded as experts. but it is in any case useful to arrange the expert selection with your supervisor.

Expert Interview Example: 1. Selection of the expert

As experts you need in this example, teachers who have accompanied theses or examined over a longer period of time, ie at least one or two decades. At your university you ask to inquire who attach great importance to veteran teachers language. The tray is beside the point here.

second Preparation

For your expert interview establish guidelines takes time, even if it is short in the end. It is close to first write the theoretical part of your thesis and to bring thee by itself to a good level of knowledge before you formulate the guidelines for an expert interview your dissertation.

A pretest with fellow students can help you to identify gaps in the guide.

Expert Interview Example: 2. Preparation

Now you prepare the guide for the expert interview. You separate the areas of spelling and grammar. There you have also been set up in advance hypotheses concerning the increase of foreign language students, students with an immigrant background and scientific jargon you build also in this thematic blocks one.

third Contact

If you have identified certain persons as experts, you should remember that their time is often scarce and precious in contacting. So be not only friendly to them, but show them briefly that their contribution is important for research.

The first contact is often made by e-mail. Be flexible in the appointment, so you increase your chances.

Expert Interview Example: 3. Contact

Looking at the website of your university e-mail addresses of the teachers out. In the mail you call the names of fellow students who have recommended – this creates equal a personal touch. You imagine your research goal and your hypotheses: Language skills are related to academic performance. The interested lecturers, all three say!

4th Implementation of expert interviews

Preferably, expert interviews should be conducted for a thesis face-to-face. Separates consisting of a conversation by phone or Skype is much better than a completed questionnaire from the other party, because you as such. can ask as questions.

Sometimes it makes sense to send the experts the printed questionnaires in advance so that he can prepare better. But often the spontaneous answers are to be preferred.

Bring to talk your charged smartphone, a spare battery or a power bank to the interview, as long as the expert agrees capturing songs. A good microphone will save you a lot of work namely then when transcribing. You will also need the printed questionnaire and paper for notes.

Make shortly before you and your dissertation. Start with a general, simple question, listen especially carefully and interrupt only if necessary. Go your interview guide by and thank you in the end.

Expert Interview Example: 4. Implementation of the expert interviews

You vereinbarst appointments and invite the three individually in nice, but quiet Studentenlokal on a cappuccino one – which loosens the mood


5th Consent Form

If your interlocutor to share sensitive information with you for the expert interview a thesis, it is important to have them sign a consent form. In it you will inform them what happens to the collected data and how you verarbeitest.

Expert Interview For example: 5. Consent

A Prof, the you interview will not be quote on the subject. You discuss this with your supervisor and prepare a consent form before – no problem. His name is anonymous.

evaluation of the expert interviews

The expert interview a bachelor thesis is to evaluate generally occur as an audio file. First, you should transcribe it therefore, so to type. Nonverbal expressions (hawking, etc.) here are usually not taken into account.

If the evaluation of a written expert interviews for undergraduate work, you correct spelling and other language errors. This transcription is usually included in the appendix of the thesis.

Based on the transcription, you can analyze your interview then encoding and your collected data.

The grounded theory method is suitable if you want to analyze the data of your interviews with experts in detail.